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Hair Extensions


HAIRTALK, an international company launched in the USA in 2005, is currently the leading brand of tape in hair extensions. HAIRTALK revolutionized the hair extension industry when they INVENTED the tape in weft method creating a product to lengthen, thicken, and enhance hair without heat, tools, or causing an damage to your natural hair. As the innovated of tape in hair extensions, HAIRTALK® USA extensions is the leading provider of Remy human hair to salon professionals in over 40 countries and leads the hair extension industry with outstanding ethical, operational and environmental practices. With HAIRTALK creating an ombré color effect, breakage free balayage with Colormelt or adding fun color without the commitment with pops of color, can be done in under 60 minutes at the salon. No more waiting for that long, thick hair you have always dreamed of!


Mini Amore Extensions

This Undetectable Placement of extensions is meant to fill in areas that may be lacking in length or fullness. A great way to grow out a section of hair that is short, or doesn’t seem to grow. As your hair grows, the extension sandwiches will need to be moved up, every 8 weeks.                                                              

Fully Lush Extensions


Volume and thickness is the goal with this type of application. Two rows of extensions are added, the same length of your natural hair. As your hair grows, the extension sandwiches will need to be moved up every 8 weeks.                                                                                      

Lavishly Long Extensions


This type of application is designed to add length, as well as adding thickness. Our Hairtalk extensions come in 12, 17, 21, and 23 inches.


Extension Consultation


Want to know more about our extension services? Schedule a consultation with our extension artist and make your hair goals a reality!

Priced by length

$35+ per sandwich

Retapes $9/sandwich

All extension reset appointments must be scheduled in advance at the time of the first application. Timely resets are crucial to ensure hair xtensions remain in good condition.

Check out our Extension Lifestyle Society for information on how to get you resets on at a VIP rate.

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